About Us

Kelcema Productions, LLC was formed November 1st, 2007, with a vision:

To provide quality events, while keeping the costs down.

There has to be a way to reduce the amount of confusion that surrounds the booking process. No longer should the public have to deal with different packages, mixing-and-matching options, and paying extra for every little thing. No more should there be a concern about the content of the music. People should not have to settle for "same old boring dance lighting" - and for an additional charge! Someone needs to take a stand, and provide DJs at great prices with no hassles.

Kelcema Productions, LLC is the answer to everything- great service, the music that makes you want to dance, the best in intelligent lighting- in short, we bring the party to you!

Our Founder:
Ray Aberle
Our Crew:
Nathan Carlson, DJ (Portland Based)
Steve Aberle, DJ/Sound Technician, Office/Operations Manager (Portland Based) (He's the one who answers the phone when you call!)
Garret Gileno, DJ (Seattle Based)
Tyson Jackson, DJ/Technician, Sales Manager (Seattle Based)
Cory Repp, DJ (Seattle Based)

 Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in joining our team, please email us! We always accept resumés from highly qualified individuals, and will keep your application on file for a period of six months from the date we receive it.

We offer competitive rates of pay, provide all equipment and music, and we deliver highly exciting events for our clients. You should be fun, enthusiastic, and dedicated to upholding our high standards of service!

basic employment ad

KELCEMA PRODUCTIONS, LLC is always looking for fun, energetic and enthusiastic people to join our company as a Mobile DJ entertainer! We'd be super happy if you're a superb multi-talented (read: you can DJ any type of event... ) DJ (In both Seattle and Portland) that can handle events this coming summer-- but we do events year round, so the events don't stop when the sunshine does. We're also looking to add one extra DJ in Seattle that will specialize in school dances. Experience counts, but so does a passion for music, and the ability to think quickly on the feet.

You'll be... 
- working weekends, most often in the afternoon-evening. Some during-the-week calls/meetings may be required, as well as the occasional event. 
- Self-sufficient. You have a reliable vehicle, driver's license, and a good driving record. (I won't check, but I'd prefer it if you not get in an accident while speeding to a gig!) You'll get gig and client information from our main office, and be expected to handle the rest of the details including showing up on time. 
- Exposed to the best of the current music, as well as top-notch equipment 

The Ideal Candidate... 
- Has a passion for music, in all genres 
- Has a basic technical knowledge of sound equipment, but we'll train the right people 
- Is customer-service oriented. [We call people back promptly. We don't miss meetings with clients. We're on-time to events to the point of being obnoxiously early.] 
- Has the aforementioned reliable vehicle, license, and insurance. Also owns formal wear (a tuxedo) or will plan on buying one soon.  (Company co-pay for formal wear is available.)
- Is a Salesperson- can confidently sell our company, our services, and extras (overtime, lighting, microphones) not only at the event, but also at planning meetings and bridal shows. 
- Is professional, in his/her dealings with customers, other vendors, and the office staff. Will never be permitted to drink alcohol while working an event. (Violation of this rule will result in immediate termination.)

And most importantly- wants to have fun working for a small but growing Sound Production and Mobile DJ company! 

Please visit us online at http://www.kelcema.biz. Your resumé should be submitted to hr @ kelcema.biz. Please include any relevant sound/audio experience, paid or not, as well as a head shot if available. Finally, we would appreciate one to two references that can attest to your skills, attitude, or experience. (By the way, one job requirement is the necessity to read and follow written or verbal instructions precisely. This is very important at our events for safety and customer satisfaction reasons. If you demonstrate that you are unable to follow written or verbal directions precisely by not following the employment instructions, we regretfully will be unable to consider your application for employment.)

Those chosen for interviews will be contacted for an in-person interview with the company owner. All applicants will receive a response. 

Compensation is commensurate upon experience. You are hired as an independent contractor working for the company, which means you get an hourly wage for your work performed but it's a paycheck directly to you, with no legally required deduction made by us, and you will not get a W-2 at the end of the year (Instead, a 1099-MISC form if you make over $600 in a calendar year). Bonus points to you if you are willing to work all styles of events, including not only DJ events but also live sound/festival work. This means you can get more hours... This is a part-time job, but the right people - one in Portland and one in Seattle -- will be hired to manage our local offices when we grow to that size! 

Thank you for your time- we look forward to hearing from you!

Don't worry.

 We re-organized the business, and technically started a new corporation fall of 2007. We've been doing this since 2001, and some of our staff has even more experience then that! Check out our references, and you'll see that we're ready and able to provide the highest quality Mobile DJ entertainment for you!


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