Frequently Asked Questions

    There are many questions that we seem to hear over and over again. There also are some things we would love to tell you, just not directly. So, this is a sneaky way to get information to our clients, without actually coming out and telling you. So, read through here. If there is something you still want to know about Kelcema Productions, LLC, let us know!

    1. : So how long have you been in business:

        Answer: Kelcema Productions, LLC has been in business since November 1st, 2007, but our Lead DJ, Ray Aberle, was one of the partners of Kelcema Productions, in business since February 1st, 2001. Mr. Aberle has been involved with music for a lot longer then that, working within the music scene since 1992. We currently provide School Dance DJs, Wedding DJs, and Sound System Rentals and Reinforcement to Seattle, Portland, and anywhere in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia.

    2. : But, (other company) has been around for fifteen years. Their Wedding DJs each have two hundred events under their belt. Why should we choose Kelcema Productions?

        Answer: That's a great question. You can have fifteen years of experience- but if you perform bad events... if you get drunk at the reception and hit on *everyone* - the bride, the staff, the guests... if you cancel on clients with a month's notice... if you charge $1,200 and don't even provide a wireless microphone or dance lighting... if the Wedding DJ plays just country, or just rap/hip-hop, despite what you want to have played... or your Seattle School Dance DJ only plays disco, and your students are clamoring for Flo Rida...  if you don't even get to meet your DJ before you book with them, and you don't hear from him until the 'confidence call' the monday before your event... Is that how you want your Wedding DJ planning to go? Is that the kind of School Dance DJ your students demand? We train our DJs extensively in order to provide a quality experience! You also:

            - At your request, get to meet your Wedding DJ before you sign anything and before you pay anything. Then, you have their contact information (email and telephone) so you can contact them with further questions!
            - Won't have us cancel on you-- ever!
            - Get to contact our past clients for references!
            - Get to pick and choose what music gets played- or not played- at your event!
            - Get wireless microphones and lighting included with your package- always!
            - Get that warm and fuzzy feeling that we are dedicated to making your special day perfect! 

        Here's the end result: We have a great solid reputation of excellent events where brides, grooms, their friends, their guests and (you know this is really important!) their parents truly have fun. The grooms get down and groove. We think a few events that are shown to have been awesome is better then years of average events!

    3. : You know, I just talked to another company, and they stood me up on meeting with them. I'm scared to look for anyone else now.

        Answer: Well, that is really a shame. Some companies do not have the same standards of customer service that we do. We'll be at the meeting location when we say we will. Since some things, such as traffic, are unpredicatable, if we're running late, we're going to give you a call and let you know our ETA. On the bright side, with Kelcema Productions, LLC, we'll make sure your event is better then ever!

    4. : I'm planning a dance for my school and need a School Dance DJ. But, the music on the radio is sooooo vulgar these days. How can I be certain that my students are safe from this type of language?

        Answer: We obtain our music from a company called Promo Only. Part of their service is providing music free of obscene language. You can rest assured that the School Dance DJ from Kelcema Productions, LLC will present a clean format safe for any listening audience.

    5. : What happens when the Wedding DJ wants to take a break? Will the music stop?

        Answer: Nope! We set up a series of songs that can keep playing while the Wedding DJ steps away to use the restroom, get a glass of water, or whatever. Usually, for a School Dance DJ, if we do step away from the mixer for a moment, we time it to be less then the length of the song, and we've got another song cued up and ready to go.

    6. : Will the Wedding DJ require a meal?

        Answer: That would be nice. Whereas it's not a part of the contract, most venues have no problems being able to provide an extra meal for the Wedding Disc Jockey. We do like being able to eat. (Since School Dances generally don't have a meal being served, we do not expect you to provide a meal for our School Dance DJ. If there's something to drink, though, we appreciate being able to get a refreshment.)

    7. : What about back ups? What is the microphone breaks, CD skips, anything else technical happens?

        Answer: We thoroughly test the entire system before your Wedding DJ ever leaves our office. When onsite, the Wedding DJ has reserve cables, a corded microphone to backup the wireless microphone, and a minimum of three audio sources. If anything goes wrong, there is something to replace it. Our speakers are self-powered, so if one goes down, the other will still be functional. If the mixer breaks, the CD players can run straight into the speakers if need be. Nothing can stop your party, and you can count on that.

Super-worse-case-scenario-- catastrophic system failure-- we have backup systems available in our warehouse, and can generally have someone there within thirty minutes (in the greater Portland or Seattle area), but, in nearly nine years of running our business, we have never had a failure of that magnitude that required either a backup system to be deployed or prevented the event from continuing! This is a direct reflection on the care that we take in obtaining and maintaining quality equipment!

    8. : Is there a back-up in case the DJ is sick?

        Answer: Our Company President, Ray Aberle, is the emergency backup for all events. He's also willing to play sick, injured, or disabled, so if the worse happens, he'll be there for you. In over eight years of business, we have never had a Wedding DJ cancel on any client. When we schedule your event, it will happen.

    9. : What attire will the Wedding DJ wear?

        Answer: Whatever you'd like. A majority of our Wedding DJs perform in slacks, nice shirt, and tie, but if you would like them dressed up more (a tuxedo, for example) please do not hesitate to ask.

    10. : Should I tip my Wedding DJ?

        Answer: With any service profession, tipping is always optional. But, if you feel that your Wedding DJ has provided an exceptional job for you, a 10-15% tip (of your package price) is not unreasonable. As always, this shows the Wedding DJ that his efforts on your special day were appreciated and encourages them to strive even harder.

    11. : You guys ROCK! Who can I tell??

        Answer: Thanks! Please feel free to send us written comments that we can list on our page of references. It's always helpful to prospective clients if they can read about our past events from our clients! If you are willing to let a prospective client speak to you in person, or email you, please let us know as well.

    12. : My friend/co-worker/relative/congressman is getting married. You guys did an awesome job at my event. If they book through you, do they get a discount? Do I get a bounty of any kind?

        Answer: We thrive on repeat business, and always are happy when you are able to refer us to your friends. If you refer us to someone who then books with us, not only will we give them a $25 discount, we'll also send you a gift card to our favorite store, Trader Joe's, in the amount of $25!

    13. : Please tell me you won't play The Chicken Dance at my wedding.

        Answer: We will not play The Chicken Dance at your wedding. Simple enough. As a part of our booking and planning process, we want to know what all you want to hear at your event. We also want to know what all you do not want to hear at your event. Your satisfaction is our goal and will do whatever it takes to attain this goal!

When we get your Wedding Planning Sheet back, this provides us with the outline of events for your day. We then take that and create a detailed itinerary for the day, starting from the moment we arrive to the time we're scheduled to end. We'll list all of the details you have provided, including timing, song requests, names of people your Wedding DJ will be announcing, and more. We then email this file back to you for your review. When you get it, please review for accuracy, and let us know if there are any changes or omissions. It's this double step planning process that helps to ensure a quality service!

    14. : Do you have cats?

        Answer: Well, yes I do, but that has nothing to do with being a Wedding DJ.

    15. : What is your refund policy?

        Answer: Well, naturally we hope to never use this. But, in the rare instance that something happens at your event that has dissatisfied you, please contact us as soon as possible, and preferably within 48 hours of your event. We value all feedback, good or bad, and use it to improve our services. If one of our staff has erred in a way that had a negative impact on your event, we will provide compensation. If your Wedding DJ went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that you had an AWESOME wedding, by all means, we need to know about that as well!

    16. : Do you charge extra for using my credit card?

        Answer: We do not, for most cases. To be precise, we are prohibited by the terms under our Credit Card Processing Agreement to have a surcharge when accepting a credit card. So, all of our prices reflect a Cash Discount. The only time we do not extend this discount for using other methods of payment is when you are presenting a corporate credit card. These nearly always have a higher discount rate that we pay, or else wise are charging us more to accept. In those cases, your final rate will be $5 to $10 more then the Cash Discount Price to cover this increased expense that we reserve the right to collect.

    17. : I love that music you're using! Can you give me a copy? What about remix services? Will you mix two songs together onto CD for me? I'll pay you! Oh, and XYZ DJ company provides a CD of my first dance! Can you do that?? Does your DJ have a demo CD?

        Answer: Our music is licensed solely for our use at events. We are unable to provide you a copy of any of our CDs or DVDs, even if you want to purchase them. We are not a licensed remix service, and thus cannot legally alter and then save permanently changes to copyrighted music, such as a remix or two songs mixed together. Finally, in as much as we are not licensed to distribute copies of our music in any form, we do not offer, provide, or sell souvenir CDs, mix CDs or DVDs (such as a 'demo cd') or any other copy of any of our music, in any form, at any time. The only exception to this policy is when we obtain "Promotional Copies" of CDs (such as "CD-Maxi-Singles") that are given to us for the sole intent of distribution. From time to time, we do obtain these, and may use them for free-give-aways at events. This is all governed by our licensing agreement with the RIAA, ASCAP, and BMI. Other companies that offer these services may not be providing them under the auspices of the law!

18. : As an engineering student, Im just curious... Do you actually have a degree in "sound" engineering, or do you just like to use the word because it makes you sound smart?   

Answer: Ohhhhh wow. Very different question! We do not have degrees in "sound engineering," but the label "Sound Engineer" does refer to the fact that we are in control of the system, are well-versed in the technical aspects of the system, can troubleshoot, diagnose, and correct most any faults that might occur while onsite, and are charged with the responsibilty of making our clients sound and look good.

Professional Audio Reinforcement is different from many industries where there is not a certification or licensing process (although we personally feel sometimes that, at least for Wedding DJs, there should be a process of certifing that someone will deliver a quality event). When companies are looking to hire sound engineers/technicians, they're not expecting to see a resumé full of school time, and someone out of college doesn't have an advantage over someone who has 30+ years in the industry. Take Big Mick. He's the Monitor Engineer for Metallica. Does he have a college degree in sound engineering? No. He studied some electronics at a technical college, but was then approached by QPrime in 1984 to mix a band they'd just signed called Metallica. He proceeded to ask them "What's heavy metal?" -- but has been with them ever since, mixing over 1500 shows! (His contract with the band reportedly requires that they refer to him by the moniker "Big Mick.") If offered a choice now to hire him or to hire a recent college graduate with a degree in audio/sound engineering, any company is going to choose Big Mick.

The moral of this story is that with professional sound system reinforcement, the industry cares less about a certification and more about the knowledge and more about the experience and passion that you have for the field. We might not be the best sound engineers out there, but we're certainly not the worse. We don't have the best high end quipment, but we also don't have any very-low-end (read: cheap and unreliable) equipment. This means we can satisfy most rider requirements easily, which is a good thing for our clients! We are building a solid reputation of satisfied clientele, and are rapidly growing our company.

(This was an actual question we received via email!)

As a side note, even though there is no certification or liscensing program available to or required of Mobile DJs, including Wedding DJs and School Dance DJs, please remember that it's a combination of "You Get what You Pay For" and "Professionalism and Experience Counts." Don't skimp on your entertainment, but also don't hire the most expensive outfit around because you think they'll be the best. Shop around. Ask lots of questions. Interview the DJ. The company you hire should...

- Answer the phone during the day, during regular business hours. This shows that they do this full time, and not as a side job or hobby. The full-time DJ company may be better-suited to handle your event, in that they have the time to invest in the planning and prep-work for your event. (At the same time, be cautious of the larger company that has a huge pool of DJs- sometimes the Seattle Wedding DJ you get could be a 19-year-old who is making $50 for the five hour gig, and has done very few weddings solo.) I know our advice just contradicted itself, but that leads us into the next tip-

- Make sure you get to meet your DJ in person! If you've called us (or any other larger company) ask who the proposed DJ will be. The company should be able to assign a DJ now, especially if the event is a year or more away. If they cannot assign a DJ that far out, they may be worried that their staff turns over often enough that the person that they assign today may not even be with them in a year. If that's the case, you should wonder why they have high turn-over... Then, MEET the DJ BEFORE you sign anything! Sometimes, if you get a great vibe from the person on the phone (especially if they're the one who is actually going to be your DJ) you may do well hiring the person on the spot. We've booked plenty of events without meeting the clients in person; often onsite at the wedding is the first time we'll meet them! We don't advocate this method, but mention it simply to inform you that it does happen and we do make that work regularly.

- Be able to show you proof of liability insurance coverage, public performance liscensing, and membership in one or more professional DJ networking organizations. Insurance is always important (and sometimes required by your venue!), being able to legally play music for pay (to legally be a DJ, in other words, making money by playing someone else's music) is awesome (Some DJs skirt this issue by writing a contract indicating that YOU are responsible for any "Public Performance Fees!"  That's not very fair, and most people wouldn't know how or where to pay for those. If the RIAA were to show up, they would probably fine the DJ, not you, despite what the Wedding DJ's contract stated.), and membership in a professional DJ networking organization (Such as the American DJ Association) shows a willingness to grow within the industry. It has been our experience that the DJ companies that want to grow and expand are always willing to meet and network with other DJ companies. We can often work together and pass business back and forth when we're already booked- and by working together, we can present a solid business, rather then trying to tear each other down.

    That's it for now! As we said before, please let us know if we should add something to this page! A lot to read, we know- but at the same time, we feel it's important that no matter who you hire, (and we hope it's us, of course!) you have as much information as possible so that you can make an informed buying decision!

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