Kelcema Productions Brings the BEST in School Dances!

We know your school wants to make money.

And the School Dance is a great way to do so! But, you hold more then one dance a year- shouldn't that count for something? With Kelcema Productions, it does!

Because we want to (a) earn your business and (b) keep your business,

here's the scoop on our School Dance Discount Program!

    * Introductory offer! Your first event, obligation-free, is just $295 for up to 4 hours with our base system. We'd like to show you what Kelcema Productions can do, and we're willing to make it worth your while to do so!

    * Additional events throughout your school year are just $395 each for up to four hours!

    * Starting with the third event, your price drops to just $350 each!

    * Even BETTER, if you schedule at least six events through the course of one school year (August 1st through July 31st), your rate drops to just $295 each! You could end up having your prom DJ costing you just $295 - where else can you get a deal like that?? (All events that request our larger JBL sound system will be $100.00 more then these listed prices. Expanded lighting and Video Service will also incur an additional charge.)

Give us a call today and find out more!

We look forward to making your next dance totally awesome!

The Scoop:

* We have industrial grade triangular trussing available for our lighting. No cheap I-Beam truss for us- we've moved in to high quality trussing from which we can suspend multiple lights. This is strong enough you can climb on it if you wanted to. Stable as all get out, there's no worries about it falling over either. Our basic events will provide two lighting trees; when you choose our Expanded Lighting Package we bring the trussing along with even more lighting effects!

* Our DMX-Intelligent lighting projects multiple colored shapes around your room. This will create a "dance club" feel for your dance, and is sure to impress your students.

* We have dual video screens available- we can display the music videos, pictures from your school, your school logo, the names of your Royalty, our mobile number for text-messaging requests in, or even a live video feed of your students dancing!

* Text-message requests are always available! We'll provide signs with the DJ's mobile number on it, so the students can text their requests right to the DJ!

* The big stuff: If you're planning on a LOT of students (We're talking 300, 400, or more) you may want to our JBL system. For $100.00 extra beyond your base rate, we'll bring two dual-18" subwoofers with two full-range tops. We've powered this with Crown amplification, including 1- XTi-1000 (highs), 1- IT-4000 (Mids) and 1- MA9000i (lows) - amazingly enough, this is still a 10,000 watt sound system, from just three amplifiers! (the technical garbage: We send 225w to each top speaker's highs, 2,000w to each mid, and 3,000w to each dual-18" sub. It's all at 4 ohms, so it sounds crisp, and the three-way signal allows for better reproduction of each frequency pass. We process with dbx DriveRack processors, and use Pioneer DJ mixers and CD players. Music videos are played from Pioneer DVJ-x1 digital video turntables and projected through InFocus projectors. The great thing about setting up our audio with just three amplifiers: It's a LOT harder to pop a circuit when we only have one amplifier using one circuit! Of course, we can also access your 14-50, L14-30 or L21-30 power receptacle to power our amp racks. We prefer that, in fact.)

* We're proud supporters of the Washington State DECA organization. We offer an additional $45.00 discount for DECA clubs hosting a dance!

* We have a variety of DJs. This is important to us. Several of our staff currently guest or resident at some of Seattle's hottest nightclubs. What does that mean? You'll get extended mixes, proper beat matching, and some of the best programming available! We take our music very serious, to make sure you have fun!

what are you waiting for??!?

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