We all know that planning a wedding can be difficult sometimes. Furthermore, if this is your first wedding that you have planned, as it usually is for brides, you may have no more to go on then your Cousin Phil's wedding when you were six. In other words, you know nothing. So, we've put together some commonly requested information that you can take a look at to help you make your decisions when it comes to your reception, the music, and what's going to be happening.

Wedding Planning Sheet

How Long Is The Reception?
This is a more challenging question to answer, as it requires some insight as to how active your family is. If you are the type that are more into socializing, your reception could go on for hours. But, if when your family is done socializing, they like to dance for endless amounts of time as well -- your four hour reception now lasts three days.

You should also consider the age ranges of your guests; the more guests you have, the more time that it will take to visit everyone. If your crowd is made up of mostly your friends, you will probably want to spend more time dancing. If your parents have more guests there, then you may find the dancing to be more limited.

When we work with you to plan the music for your reception, we will want to talk about these things. That will help us to learn more about what kinds of music we're going to want to play. We'd hope that you will have some thoughts as to how long you expect the reception to last, in order to help you to plan the flow of your reception.

Oh, and while you are planning all of this... remember to have FUN!

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What Music Do You Need :: Special Songs
Outside of the basic dancing songs, there are a few special songs that many people "expect" to see at weddings. Click Here for Our Music Page.

Take a look at some commonly requested songs as you are thinking about the kinds of music you want to hear at your reception. We also have a list of the Top 100 songs for wedding receptions -- so take a look at that list to give you some ideas of songs you may want to have played. As always, we will take any request during the reception itself, but we always appreciate receiving emailed requests (email program required; else mail to prior to your event. That will insure that we have that special song for you at the reception.

A common concern with the music is having the right songs for everyone. When we plan out your event, we work out a playlist based on your audience. We'll start the reception out with your special songs as well as those classic songs from the fifties and sixties. You know, the songs that everyone loves. As the night progresses, we'll move into a more contemporary feel, and as the mood of the crowd moves to more and more dancing, we'll up the beat to keep pace. In this way, everyone will leave remembering the songs they liked, and knowing that we played "their song." And they have more fun as well!

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