When You're Talking About Our Big Rigs...

Are you in a band or planning a festival or other outdoor event?

If you are holding a show for your band, you can't always pack enough punch without some reinforcement. That's where we come in! From micing up your drums, guitar amps, and singers, plus your keyboards, we can make you play away for ten or a thousand screaming fans! We'll mix everything up, provide you with stage monitors with customized mixes, and even record your show onto CD for you. *stereo recording only, no multi-track capabilities available.

Need a sound system? Our JBL rig is just what you need! This can supply sound for up to two thousand people, and it's expandable if you're planning on more. We bring out 4 JBL SRX725 Dual-15" Speakers along with 4 JBL SRX728S Dual-18" Speakers. Yes, you can be over a quarter of a mile away and still hear this system! Over 25,000 watts of sound is delivered via Crown and QSC amplifiers. Why risk running out of headroom? Make your next concert a real crowd-pleaser!

We have a variety of consoles available for use, whether we engineer for you, or your Band Engineer is present. With rider-friendly Soundcraft and Yamaha boards, as well as EAW LA-Series monitor wedges, up to 32 channels can be delivered up to 150' away, with a 25' monitor split. Processing is available at both monitor and Front of House positions, including dbx 1066 Compressors/Limiters/Gates, and 2231 31-channel EQs. 3-Way crossovers process each side of the stage (independent in each amplifier rack) for ease of setup as well as flexibility.

We Go Where The Work Is.
We can serve any event in the Oregon/Washington/Idaho region! Give us a call- you'll quickly see that our professional level of service is much better then what you would expect from a small company!

For the stage itself, we offer up to six monitor wedges, plus a drum fill, Shure SM58 and SM57 vocalist microphones, SM81 condenser microphones, Sennheiser drum microphones, Radial DI boxes, as well as all of the stands and cabling needed. We also have Sennheiser wireless handheld and lapel mics if your performers require the flexibility of wireless solutions!
Our Main JBL sound system, Seattle PrideFest, June 24, 2007
Power distribution is also available, whether you provide a 30amp or 50 amp connection, or just a power panel to tap directly into. We do work closely with Hollywood Lights to provide large scale power distribution and concert lighting. 

Our engineers will monitor the system throughout the entire performance, providing top-notch sound and a real professional stage presence, at affordable pricing. Ask us about lighting, video, fog/blacklights, and other fun ways to make your show unique!

All prices for stage shows are quoted upon request, as many variables can come into play. Please be aware of how many bands you are having perform, what sort of riders they require, and how much extra equipment (lighting, video, etc) that your stage requires when inquiring about pricing.

The photo on the left here is our main JBL SRX-series sound system, at the Seattle Center, June 24th, 2007.

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