Price Comparisons

When hiring a DJ or other entertainment for your wedding, you want to make sure that you are making the best choice possible. There are lots of extras that are offered for wedding packages by every company, but we hope you'll check out what we offer as standard with our packages. You'll see we offer a higher value for the same price!

 Keep in mind that not everything we offer was listed as available with the "other guys." They may have them, but as far as we can tell, unless clearly specified, they are not included with the basic packages that we priced.

Kelcema Productions Price Comparisons
Item  Kelcema Productions  Competitor 1  Competitor 2
 Basic Sound System, 6 Hours  $1,395.00  $1,895.00  $895.00
 Sound System: Basic, 2 Speakers  Included  Included  Included
 Sound System: Second Pair of Speakers  Included  Included $150.00
 Sound System: Subwoofers  Included Unknown   Unknown
 DJ Mixer/CD Players  Included  Included  Included
 Mixer for Ceremony/Second System  Included  Included  Included in $150.00
 Microphone, Wireless  2 Included  1 Included  1 Included?
 Microphone, Wired  3 Included  1 Included  Unknown
 Microphone, Lavaliere  1 Included  $50.00  $50.00
 Lighting, Dance Floor, 4 Fixtures  Included  $150.00  2-4 Fixtures Included
 Lighting, Uplighting, 8 Fixtures  Included  (Qty 6) $150.00  None
 Lighting, Custom Gobo Projection  $149.00  $150.00  Unknown
 Video Projector/Screen  $100.00  $100.00  $225.00
Video Screen Includes DVD Player?  Yes  Unknown  Unknown
Number of Meetings In Person All Needed Final Only  Unknown
Deposit Required to Book $250.00 $300.00  50%
Production Extras Full band kits, monitors,
power distribution
Unknown if available  Unknown if available


(Unknown availability items not priced)

$1,495.00 $1,895.00  $1,320.00

 Competitor 1 includes $550.00 Credit towards optional items, which to match our package would require at least $400.00 to be used (1 wireless microphone, one lavaliere microphone, dance lighting and uplighting).

 Competitor 2 priced a 6-Hour package for $895.00, with $50.00 for a lav mic, $150.00 for extra sound system and video projector and screen for $225.00.

Prices last validated on October 5th, 2011.

The Bottom Line: Kelcema Productions offers more bang for your buck. With subwoofers, additional sound, and both dance and uplighting ALL included with your package, as well as two wireless and three wired microphones standard, there's less of a chance you'll find lots of "extra charges" in your final wedding bill!

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